In Pursuit Of Millions: No Money Could Bring Happiness To The Playboy Star. Anna Nicole’s Life Story

Unequal marriages always cause others to doubt about their sincerity. People tend to suspect the hidden motives, when one spouse is much wealthier, has a royal origin, or the age difference between them is huge.

In 1994, successful American businessman Howard Marshall married Anna Nicole Smith, who was three times younger and known for her infamous reputation. Was the public right about her?

The incredible beauty had been one of the most recognizable models for 2 decades. She was born in 1967, in an ordinary family.

Her father threw them away with her mother when Vickie Lynn Hogan (the real name of a celebrity) was still very young. Since the mother couldn’t leave work, the girl was brought up by her great-aunt that she got very attached to.


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Vickie experienced first disappointments at a rather young age. In 1984, she met her first husband, cook Billy Smith, at one of the low-cost restaurants.

In 1985, the couple got married, and in 1986, they welcomed a son, Daniel Wayne Smith. Family life quickly tired Billy off, and he left Vickie alone with a small child.

Eventually, the girl turned out to be lucky. In 1992, she became a real celebrity thanks to her collaboration with the popular brand Guess.

An advertising campaign with her participation turned out to be more than successful, and in 1993, Smith began to act for Playboy, star in films and work on television. That was the time when she chose a nickname – Anna Nicole.

James Howard Marshall II was a respected and well-known person. He owned the colossal business empire, was successful as a lawyer, worked in one of the most prestigious universities and even in the US government. He was a desirable groom. On top of the list, he could boast of his multimillion fortune.

Anna continuously appeared with her spouse in public during all 4 years before the wedding and showed as much tenderness as she could. Of course, love all ages yield surrender, but this couple looked very unusual, and society was convinced that the girl was interested only in money. At the same time, she completely denied this.

Marshall was born in 1905. He had been promising since the school years. He played football, worked as an editor in the student newspaper, received an excellent education. By the time he married Smith, he had already been married twice, with a total duration of about 60 years.

We can’t tell for sure whether the last days of his life were as happy as they were shown. Marshall died in 1995, just 14 months after the wedding with Anna.

For the next 11 years, she didn’t stop suing the kids of her deceased husband for the inheritance until the death of one of her stepchildren in June 2006.

That year was hard for Anne. On September 7, she gave birth to a daughter from her ex-partner, Larry Birkhead.

While she was pregnant, she was in a relationship with a famous lawyer, Howard Stern, who represented her interests in the case of Marshall’s inheritance. On September 10, Anna's first son passed away: he was seriously ill. On September 26, she married Stern, and a few months later, in February 2007, she died of an advanced case of pneumonia.


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Neither beauty nor popularity could bring Anna happiness: she didn’t even turn 40, but was already broken inside. Stern still helped her to receive part of Marshall’s inheritance, but the woman didn’t have time to use it.