This Cutie Has Over A Million Subscribers On Instagram. It Is Hard To Believe She Is Already Up In Years!

Date May 29, 2019 13:23

Social networks are probably the most popular way of communication among young people, and Instagram is especially typical among them. Its audience consists mostly of people from 18 to 35, but this age is constantly growing.

Surprisingly, in the vast social network, we can meet much older people. Most of them are interested in modern things and are trying to lead an active lifestyle.

For example, pay attention to this cutie. Would you say she is 63?

Adriana Miranda

Brazilian Instagram star Adriana Miranda celebrated her 63rd birthday on May 21! Hardly anyone would say she is more than 40.

The senior blogger shares the photos from her training and even models. People like her pictures so much that Adriana has already managed to get over a million subscribers on her account.

Adriana started practicing fitness while still working as a lawyer. The workouts fascinated a woman so much that she decided to exercise regularly and devote herself to fitness. The woman quit her stressful job and refused junk food. 

Mrs. Miranda began to share her fitness progress on the Internet. People began to subscribe to her account to get inspiration from her.

Your age shouldn’t prevent you from taking action to improve yourself.

Adriana trains from Monday to Friday. During the weekends, she prefers to do cardio and spends a lot of time outside. 

Adriana likes eating vegetables, salads, proteins, and “good” carbohydrates, such as sweet potatoes, quinoa, and sprouted bread. At the same time, she likes to indulge a bit during the holidays. 

If you practice regularly, you can look as good as Adriana. Doesn’t sound like a good motivation? Look at the photos of this 63-year-old woman again! Also, don’t forget to share them with your friends. Let them get inspired as well!