10 Style Rules From Victoria Beckham That Will Make You Look Perfect

Date June 8, 2018

Victoria Beckham is a style icon who had switched from singer career to fashion industry. And it was worth it since she has something to say here! Today, Vicky produces denim clothes, dresses, bags, and sunglasses. Also, she has a jewelry collection and cosmetics brand. 


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These are not all of Victoria's brilliant feats. The star decided to share her experience, and she published two books - an autobiography and a style guide. Together with her husband, she made a fashion line and collection of perfumes. All of it became a part of Beckham Brand Ltd. Now, Victoria is 44.


And she knows for sure how to look perfect! Her style taught women all over the world how to be stylish and impressive at any age. Today, we speak about 10 important fashion rules from Victoria Beckham.

Rule #1: Always have sunglasses at hand

Victoria wears them even in winter because she knows that sunglasses are perfect accessories to jazz any outfit. There is no need to remind that they hide black circles after a restless night. 

Rule #2: Do not forget about accent colors


Even if you are wearing a dark outfit, what can prevent you from mixing it with colored heels? And the lipstick is not even necessary in this case. This brave look will catch an eye for sure!

Rule #3: Choose a simple but stylish haircut 

Victoria prefers bob. She deliberately makes it a bit messy and asymmetric so that her hair always looks perfect. This way, who will guess that you failed to set your hair today? 

Rule #4: The perfect pair of jeans


Victoria is an expert here. A pair of jeans can be a part of your routine. All you should do is to play with the top and wear a t-shirt or a blouse and a jacket. Remember, that fashion gurus always have stylish jeans in their wardrobe. By the way, straight lines are trending now.

Rule #5: Collect your capsule wardrobe

These are things you can mix in different ways. For example, today, you wear black wide pants with a white top, and tomorrow you change it for jeans with the same top. The capsule wardrobe is made of classic tones: white, black, beige, grey, and red.

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Rule #6: Long wide flared trousers are trending 


Victoria is constantly wearing them! This is the best solution for modern business ladies and also for those who tend to look perfect at all times. An important addition to this rule is heels. This way, it's more comfortable to wear long trousers without stepping on them. 

Rule #7: Smokey eye is a perfect solution

Melania Trump, Queen Letizia of Spain, Queen Rania of Jordan, and Victoria Beckham are women of 40 who adore this makeup style. It makes your eyes look more attractive, confident, and glamorous. Why not to try it? 

Rule #8: Choose classic prints


Berries, flowers, and animals are not going to trend forever. On the other hand, squares, stripes, spots, geometric lines, and figures can be a part of your wardrobe for years. Try to choose exactly these prints for your looks. Besides, clothes of black, dark blue, red, grey, and white colors show them to the best advantage. 

Rule #9: Remember about stylish t-shirt slogans

The key word here is 'stylish'. It can be just a brand name (if the thing really belongs to the brand!). Play with witty phrases like 'Fashion stole my smile'. Many online stores offer their clients an option to create a slogan by themselves. This will make your t-shirt unique!

Rule #10: Do not avoid white! 


There must be white pieces in your wardrobe, but you should realize that they might highlight your body imperfections. Smart dresses will be a perfect choice since your body will look visually slimmer. 

Victoria is liberal in giving fashion tips. Every time the star appears in public, she proves that women over 40 can look amazing. Sometimes even better than in 25! Work on your wardrobe so that you feel like a real diva.

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