Melania Trump Vs. The Queen Of Spain: Who Looks Better In Leather Trousers?

Date May 31, 2018

If you think that it is unbecoming of women over 40 to wear leather trousers and skirts, then this will be the day when you are convinced otherwise! We advise you to follow the example of two famous and successful women - Melania Trump and Letizia, the Queen of Spain.


Both are known to be women of excellent taste and impeccable style. Each their public appearance is a real treat for photographers, as what else is there to take pictures of if not the elegance of their amazing looks! 


Melania has been seen in leather clothes more than once. There were jackets and medium length skirts. And every time, the First Lady of the USA pulled it off!


What about Letizia? She is not afraid to experiment either. Like Melania, she is also a fan of high heeled court shoes, and sometimes even wears mules, which for British Royalty, for example, are forbidden fruit. 


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Since these gorgeous ladies are both no strangers to style, now we are going to compare their looks in leather trousers. 

Welcome – the First Lady of the USA, Melania Trump. Age - 48. 

The Queen of Spain, Letizia. Age - 45. 


Whose look do you like more? Who looks better in leather trousers? We believe that both women are fabulous! They can be a real example for women over 40 who, for one reason or another, don’t dare to look confident and spectacular. Come on, don’t be shy! ;)

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Melania Trump