Duchess Of Sussex Makes No Mistakes With Her Immaculate Print Choice For Official Meetings And For Daily Use

Date November 22, 2018 09:31

Clothes printing is an important component of all the fashion images. However, not every picture can bring you to the top of the fashionable Olympus. It is highly important to monitor the trends and keep up with the times. One season can be popular for multi-colored patterns, while another for large flower buds.

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Before the wedding with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle had already had a good time demonstrating she was really into the fashion trends. The former American actress loves minimalism. The Duchess of Sussex is a fan of basic shades and prints. Each of her decisions is something that is relevant and stylish all over the world right now. Therefore, judging from her example, we advise you to pay attention to the most fashionable prints.

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Big check


The checkered coat from Burberry looks fashionable and versatile, as it can be worn for years without being afraid you’ll get into a mess with something insipid. The color scheme is also quite interesting, with alternating dark green and dark blue shades. The checks are also black, making the print even more stylish. It will suit both for the business style and for everyday routine.

Small check


Another important print for business ladies. Meghan knows the gray and brown colors feel particularly comfortable with the small black check. So, one day her choice fell on a sweatshirt-top with a distinctive cutout. The print suited really well with the dark image. If you need to go to a business meeting, this style is the best solution!

Large strip


Classic print, which doesn’t go out of fashion for years. Megan doesn’t wear a black strip; she opts for blue. So, the image looks “fresh” and excellent for every day. Moreover, it is also amazing for business meetings!

Small strip


This print is created to make one's image look peculiar enough to attract attention. Think about it, a white or a cream dress would look much more pedestrian than this wonderful print sarafan, wouldn’t it? So, the white striped dress instantly turns into a daily outfit, as well as into a business image if you supplement it with a blazer or a jacket.

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Smears and dots


A black mid-length dress with an unobtrusive white print looks just fabulous. The color scheme of classical shades suits Meghan well during the important events. However, such a dress could just as easily be worn for a walk as well. That is just ideal.

Small floral print


The most fashionable print of spring-summer season of 2018, with the trend for tea length dresses, made of light fabric and free cut. Even before the wedding, Megan had time to demonstrate one of those, with the emphasis on her décolletage and the net under it. An airy green dress in a floral print allowed Megan to look luxurious. Again, add a blazer to it, and you are ready not only for the everyday image, but for the business one as well.


All these prints can be classified as having a minimalist style. Meghan adheres to a specific image, which she had even before the wedding. Now, she lets her style look monochrome, yet she knows how to add spectacular and stylish notes for each of her appearances. Just take an example!

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