Like Mother, Like Daughter: What Melania's Mother Looks Like

Date May 10, 2018

The whole world watches the First Lady of the US. Melania Trump always demonstrates flawless outfits, she regularly updates her Instagram and certainly does not sit around at the White House. Melania has an ideal styling, good makeup, fashionable and spectacular clothes. People wonder who she takes after. Meet her mother - Amalija Knavs.


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This woman is 72 years old, but is it possible to assume it by looking at the photo? She is cheerful, energetic, stylish, and smiling. Pay attention to the glasses: Melania Trump often wears the similar. Maybe it was the mother who gave her a taste, not the stylists? Another thing in common is the love of heels. 


Moreover, recently Mrs. Trump appeared in public exactly in the exact same dress as her mother. Only the color was different: Melania chose emerald cast, and Amalija opted for marsala shade.


Since we've started talking about parents, let’s pay attention to Melania’s father. His name is Victor Knavs. Just look at this red tie. Who does this person remind you of?


It’s obvious that Victor’s appearance and physique resemble that of Donald Trump. So is it true that many women choose men that look like their fathers? Whether it's true or not, now you know what the First Lady’s parents look like:)

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