Model With Mesmerizing 3’4” Legs And An Army Of Followers Is Actually A Happy Wife And A Mother Of 2

Date July 12, 2018 18:20

Nowadays, people admire Nordic men. They are knowledgeable, well groomed and sporty, as well as tall, and blond. Not to mention those blue or grey eyes.

But Nordic women don’t get as much attention. How unfair! Swedish beauty Ia Ostergren took it upon herself to fix it.


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Behold – the Instagram-portfolio of the Swedish 34-year-old model. She is 5 feet 10 inches tall, and her legs are 3 feet 4 inches long! Ia definitely deserves attention.

Her Instagram page has 234 thousand followers, and her fans are not limited to her fellow Swedes. The model is admired all over the world.

Ia’s goal is not to collect likes, but to motivate self-improvement and enjoy life. She confessed that she used to be made fun of at school. The athletic blonde with stunning proportions revealed that she used to suffer taunts because of her height. She recalls that, back then, depression was her usual condition.

Cruel nicknames (such as 'ugly duckling') have been shattering her self-confidence from the youngest age. In 2013, she started doing sports and, gradually, learned to accept and love her body.

Now, the Swedish beauty is a frequent guest at a gym. To improve her workout results, Ia takes care of her nutrition and consumes a lot of protein.

Warning for her male fans: The model has a husband, Torbjorn Ostergren, who is a bodybuilder. The couple met via Instagram. There was a time when they texted each other and shared photos, and now they are raising two lovely daughters together.

Ia shares with her fans:

You have one life. How do you want to spend it? Apologizing for who you are? Filled with regret or hatred? Be more daring! Believe in yourself and move forward. You have one life. Enjoy it!

Ia is a girl of unique beauty. No wonder people want to see her pictures and follow her philosophy. What do you think? Would you call her the ideal example of Nordic beauty?

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