7 Famous Men Who Had Plastic Surgeries But Wanted To Keep It A Secret


March 13, 2019 16:57 By Fabiosa

Plastic surgeries or other serious cosmetic procedures for altering the appearance aren't uncommon in the world of art and wealthy people. For some, it's an opportunity to stay on the list of actors in demand as long as possible. For others, they don't wish to come to terms with approaching old age. And there are yet others who try to conform to their younger partner.

Men want to be handsome too

Mostly, women are the ones who go for costly procedures. Moreover, many of them don't even try to hide this fact, justifying it by saying that faces are their "work tool" that always has to look wonderful. Many men are of the same opinion and resort to "refreshing" separate parts of faces, but they prefer to keep quiet about it.

Here is a list of male celebrities who have decided to go under the knife of plastic surgeons or have undergone rejuvenating procedures.

Mickey Rourke

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The famous actor wanted to keep making movies, but the directors stopped casting the aging star. That's when Mickey decided to "refresh" his face: he dyed his hair, got a facelift, and brought out his nose more.

And it had quite the results! At 62 years old, his career started to rise.

Jean-Claude Van Damme

A Most Wanted Man wanted to stay wanted for years to come. And he wished his face to fit his trained, jacked body, so he underwent a facelift and eyelid surgery. Although it didn't give him the desired effect, his popularity didn't decrease!

Ryan Gosling

At the beginning of his career, the Canadian actor "touched up" his nose a little making it more straight. Maybe that's why now he isn't worried about his looks much – all female fans adore him anyway!

Ashton Kutcher


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Kutcher was also one of the men who made a decision to get a nose reduction, even though the charisma of the famous handsome man can cover any flaw of his appearance.

Brad Pitt

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Perhaps the long hair young Pitt used to wear was a cover-up for his prominent ears. But after the operation, short hairstyles became the American actor and producer's favorites.

Michael Douglas

At the age of 60, the double Oscar winner managed to keep his face smooth and wrinkle-free with the use of botox and other rejuvenating procedures. But 10 years later, it gets harder and harder to maintain it that way, so now the actor looks quite like his age.


Those who remember the singer and musician from the previous century can confirm that on his way to his 70th birthday anniversary, he looks just great.


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We can assume that special injections for smoothing out the wrinkles are doing their job.

You must agree that for true fans of these celebrities, the number of wrinkles doesn't matter as they have a remarkable talent. Or are you of a different opinion?

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