Forest Fires In California: Which Celebrity Homes Were Ravished By The Disaster?

Date November 14, 2018 15:34

Nature can be extremely cruel and unpredictable. Everyone is equal before its destructive power – there are no rich, famous or popular people in the eyes of nature. Each and every one of us may fall victim to a natural disaster.

Forceful forest fires have recently taken over California and have already taken dozens of lives. Now they have reached the posh areas of the state, where properties of many celebrities are located.

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Town of Paradise was almost completely destroyed by the fire. Apart from that, fires have spread around Malibu and Calabasas. 

Like average citizens, celebrities had to quickly pack their bags and be evacuated. Many of them soon discovered that there were only ashes left of their once luxurious mansions. 

Successful model Bella Hadid has not been spared of nature's force. Her school burnt to the ground, and moreover, the fire is gradually approaching the star's mansion in Malibu.


Публикация от 🦋 (@bellahadid)

💔 a bad dream

— Bella wrote a caption underneath the video capturing the flames.

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Hollywood actor Gerard Butler was one of the celebs whose house burnt to the ground. In his blog on Instagram, he posted a selfie against the backdrop of his house in ashes.

Orlando Bloom has also shared shots from the scene.

this is my street as of two hours ago praying for the safety of all my malibu fam, grateful to our brave firefighters please stay safe 🙏🏼

— captioned Bloom.

Despite the fact that Miley Cyrus' house burnt to ashes, like Butler's, the singer manages to stay optimistic. She said she is lucky as her loved ones are safe.

Pop singer Cher informed in her blog that her house is in danger; she's concerned but she is helpless before nature:

Shannen Doherty has already suffered a lot of difficulties. Initially she was informed that her house had also caught fire; however, later it turned out that her mansion was untouched by the disaster. Now Shannon is trying to eliminate the consequences of the fire.

Rescuers are appealing to people from the surrounding communities to leave their homes as soon as possible, as due to the strong wind, the fire spreads very quickly and it's extremely hard to predict its direction.

We hope that with overall efforts, Californians will manage to stop the catastrophe as soon as possible. We wish strength and courage to the state's residents and brave firefighters!

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