J.Lo Flaunted Her Perfectly Sculpted Abs In A Crop Top And Leggings

Date January 15, 2019

It's no secret for Jennifer Lopez fans that the 49-year-old American singer and actress dedicates quite a lot of time to physical exercise, including weight-lifting.


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The gorgeous celeb doesn't only train on her own but also she is often joined by her significant other, professional baseball player, Alex Rodriguez. Soon, we should be expecting their kids to join them in the gym too!


Публикация от Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

However she does it, the results are plain to see! We can definitely follow J.Lo's example. It turns out that, even at 49 years old, you can have a shape of which young girls would be jealous. Just look at those perfect abs!

In January 2019, Jennifer had a photoshoot for Niyamasol as ambassador of the brand. The singer shared one of the first shots on her personal Instagram page.


Публикация от Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

J.Lo is posing sideways wearing skin-tight crop top and leggings. You can see the star's sculptured body literally shining under the camera flashes.

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For many women, Jennifer Lopez isn't just a modern fashion icon, but also a role model in many other areas of life.


Публикация от Jennifer Lopez (@jlo)

Do you want to have abs like J.Lo too? What do you do to achieve that? Tell us in the comments below!

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