J.Lo's Wrinkles: Photo Of The Singer's Unretouched Face Was Published By A Popular Glossy

Date January 17, 2019 13:35

We are used to seeing our favorite stars looking almost perfect. Very few celebrities are brave enough to show themselves without makeup and Photoshop. Their Instagram photos have to pass control by the stars before they get posted and fans often feel like celebs are some kind of gods.

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Jennifer Lopez has been amazing us for years. Looking at her pictures, you get an impression that she never ages, gains weight, or gets tired. In the morning, she wakes up fresh and rested, while extra calories just refuse to stay on her body. But, of course, it's not exactly like that!


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J.Lo was featured on the front cover of Harper's Bazaar February issue. While she looks just as gorgeous on the cover as on her Instagram page, inside the magazine you can see her unretouched photo.


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In the picture, the singer has a broad smile on her face and her eyes have crow's feet. Of course, they could be easily concealed by using Photoshop or cosmetics, but it seems like the editors along with J.Lo made the decision to show the singer's real face.

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You can't help noticing that Lopez looks splendid! No wrinkles can spoil her attractive face.


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Needless to say, she got an enormous number of positive comments.

J.Lo's Wrinkles: Photo Of The Singer's Unretouched Face Was Published By A Popular Glossyharpersbazaarus / Instagram

Instagram users praised J.Lo, noting her beauty, courage, and beautiful skin.


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You must agree that despite the wrinkles, J.Lo looks stunning.

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