Like Father Like Son: Arnold Schwarzenegger's Illegitimate Son Boasts His Muscles Of Steel

Date December 5, 2018

Who doesn't know Arnold Schwarzenegger? This actor, entrepreneur, and even ex-Governor of California state first became famous for achieving unparalleled results in bodybuilding.

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He has been awarded the title of Mr. Universe and held an upscale title of Mr. Olympia 5 years in a row! Bodybuilders worldwide consider "Arnie" a true legend!

And it seems like Arnold Schwarzenegger's illegitimate son has decided to fill his famous father's shoes and has taken up bodybuilding. We remind you that mother of the 21-year-old guy is a housekeeper called Mildred. Having finished serving as the Governor of California, Arnold acknowledged his son and now maintains a close relationship with him.

Aspiring to be more like his father, Joseph persistently lifts weights. At the end of November 2018, he recorded a video of his efforts and results and posted it on Instagram.

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Joseph is posing in the gym, surrounded by weight-lifting machines and wearing an oversized yellow air muscle Tee and shorts. The guy who looks strikingly similar to young "Arnie" moves professionally and shows off his bulging muscles to the camera.


Публикация от Joseph Baena (@projoe2)

Here's how Joseph Baena captioned this impressive video:

It's only the beginning.

Arnie's fans appreciated the video and admiringly spoke out about his descendant. They think that Baena has grown up to look just like Schwarzenegger, having inherited "Terminator" genes.


Публикация от Joseph Baena (@projoe2)

Do you see the similarities between Arnie and Joseph? Do you think the son will manage to fill his father's shoes? Share your opinion in the comments below!

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