"What a Pretty Girl". Naomi Watts' Son Is More And More Often Spotted Wearing Dresses

Date February 8, 2019

Creative people are a totally different class which is sometimes hard to understand. They have their own views on life, marriage, and children's upbringing. More often than not, artists, actors, and musicians are convinced that their offspring need freedom and restraints only harm children.

Fairly recently, we've told you about Charlize Theron and her son Jackson. It seems like the actress even encourages her son to look like a girl!


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However, Theron is not alone in this matter. Another actress, Naomi Watts, totally doesn't mind that her son, Kai has grown his hair long, wears girl's clothes, and generally looks rather feminine.


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The smile on Naomi's face shows that she feels quite comfortable walking with Kai. We wonder whether she supported her son's unusual desire from the start or there was a fair share of arguments in the family.


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Naomi was wearing a jumper with the caption "Peace And Love." Perhaps the words reflect her current emotional state.


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Kai and Naomi's picture was on everyone's lips. Many of the people commenting on the photo were certain that it's Naomi's daughter in the picture rather than her son.

I can see a pretty girl in the pic, there's no way it can be a boy... you're making this up

When will we see the end of this kind of fashion?

Stop the planet I want to get off

Have they all gone crazy?

You're wrong, it's her daughter

And I thought there are still sane moms in New York... my mistake...

Notably, it's not the first girly look Kai has tried on. Long hair, cute face, and pink accessories... The boy seems to feel more comfortable looking like a girl.


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What do you think? Is it normal when boys get dressed like girls (and vice versa)? How should parents react in such cases? Should they scold them or encourage? We are really interested in your opinion!

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