Christie Brinkley Looks 30 At Age 65 In A Shimmering Mini! What Is Her Secret?

Date February 6, 2019

Many women from all over the world prove that beauty has no age! Christie Brinkley, a 90s supermodel, still loves to show off her gorgeous figure and youthful face. On her birthday, the beauty yet again rocked a spectacular image.



On February 20, Christie turned 65. Two days before that, the model along with her friends and family attended an event organized by Ultherapy. For the outing, Brinkley chose a splendid sparkling sequin mini dress. She completed her image with Hollywood curls and juicy red lipstick.

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Christie’s 33-year-old daughter, Alexa, was the first to congratulate her. It should be noted that the two ladies look like sisters, rather than mom and daughter.



At age 65, the model looks 35, tops. What is the secret of Christie’s youth?


The pretty woman loves running, but because of injuries, she had to abandon intense workouts. Instead, Christie often walks along the beach, warming up, and exercising a little.



Working out at home

Home exercises can be no less effective. Christie has a special fitness machine and the model has developed her own fitness program for using it.


For more than a decade, the model has been a dedicated vegetarian. In Christie’s refrigerator, there are always greens, legumes, fruits, and peanut butter. And for snacking, Brinkley is stocked up on pumpkin bread, nuts, and raisins. Once in a while, Christie treats herself to a piece of dark chocolate.

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Strict trainers

Sometimes it is very difficult to make yourself do the right thing. Brinkley thanks her no-nonsense trainers for her slender legs.





The model maintains the freshness of her face with the help of a balanced diet and non-invasive skin lifting. But the secret weapon of her beauty is her smile. Not only does it win others’ favor, but it also is an excellent preventative measure against wrinkles.


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We sincerely congratulate Christie on her birthday! Her example proves that a woman can look young at any age. Don’t focus on the number of candles on your birthday cake. Rather, enjoy life and believe in yourself at any age.

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