Doomed From The Start? Little-Known Details About The Honeymoon Trip Of Lady Di And Prince Charles

Date November 29, 2018

Many people hold the memory of the iconic wedding of July 29, 1981, which united the heir to the British throne and a charming young lady named Diana with a slightly sullen look. Neither the age gap, nor the fact that Charles continued to maintain a relationship with Camilla and give her gifts, were obstacles to this marriage.

The newlyweds went on their honeymoon practically right after the ceremony. From the Waterloo station, they traveled to Broadlands – a place where in the distant 1947, Elizabeth II and Prince Philip had spent their wedding night.

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Within a few days, Diana and Charles went on an 11-day cruise of the Mediterranean. As part of the tour, the couple visited Tunisia, Sardinia, Greece, and Egypt, and then headed back to Balmoral Castle, the Windsor family’s estate in Scotland. All that time, the paparazzi were allowed to take photos of the Prince and Princess of Wales, practically depriving them of all privacy to leave nothing for romance. But this was not the only test that the spouses faced.

Some secrets were revealed in Tina Brown’s book, The Diana Chronicles. A few weeks before the wedding, Diana accepted the fact that her husband, despite being already engaged to her, continued to give jewelry to his former lover. Moreover, he didn’t miss a chance to phone her even during his honeymoon, and also wore a bracelet Camilla gave him.

Young Diana was romantic and craved attention from her husband, while Charles, being 12-year-old her senior and quite conservative, preferred his usual routine: swimming, reading, painting, and writing letters of gratitude, as claimed in the book by Penny Junor, The Duchess.

They started fighting from the first days of living together. Prince Charles assumed that he would interest Diana in his favorite philosophical works, which he intended to discuss with her in the evenings. However, the newly fledged Princess of Wales hoped that instead of reading and small talk, they would get to know each other better because before the wedding they had met only a few times.

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As if that weren’t enough, in addition to the grudge she held against her husband, the close attention of the press, and the need to quickly get used to her new social role, the Princess started suffering from bulimia. Let us remind you that it was Lady Di’s chef who made the information about her eating disorder public. The illness started a few months before the wedding due to careless statements of Prince Charles.

The newly married couple posed for the cameras and pretended to be quite happy. However, as it turned out, behind the smiles they were hiding completely different feelings. Probably, there was both despair and hope. What do you think, did Charles and Diana realize that their marriage was doomed already in the first days of their honeymoon?

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