F1 Ace’s Struggle: Why Haven’t Michael Schumacher's Relatives Commented On His Health?

Date December 3, 2018

Just before New Year of 2014, the world was shocked by tragic news: legendary Formula 1 racer, Michael Schumacher, was seriously injured in a terrible skiing accident. A few weeks later, there was little information on his state of health, but soon Michael’s official representatives refused to comment on the matter altogether. You may remember our previous post about Michael’s tragedy. Recently, it became known that Michael’s wife, Corinna, has not stopped hoping for his recovery.

When there is little official information, there are rumors. And so it was with the issue of the legendary racer’s state of health. Some believed that for the period of rehabilitation he would stay in Switzerland, others expected the family to move to Texas, and yet others thought that Corinna had acquired a luxurious mansion in Majorca to provide her husband with better conditions for recovery.

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Public interest has also been fueled by 'insider' information about the racer’s improving condition that appeared in the media from time to time. But, since there was no confirmation from his relatives, these rumors were hardly considered reliable.

A popular resource, Daily Mail, recently shared intel received from Archbishop Georg Gänswein in material dedicated to the formula one ace. According to the source, as of the summer of 2016, Schumacher gained some weight and sensed that loving people were around him.

However, earlier this year, Michael’s official representative, Sabine Kehm, in one of her interviews mentioned the subject of publicity and privacy, in our opinion, making it clear that there were no plans to release information about the racer's rehabilitation process. It seems fair, because during his vacations, Michael acted as a private individual and maintains the full right to protected privacy.

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While we look forward to the return of the F1 legend, his son, Mick, is becoming more famous by the day. The young man has taken part in various competitions since childhood, and in 2017 debuted in the European Formula Three. It is likely that in a few years we will see him race at the world championship.

If you think about it, people tend to obliviously violate the privacy of others, even of our loved ones, not to mention public figures. Millions of fans worry about Michael Schumacher, but respecting his family’s right to privacy is just as important, wouldn’t you agree?

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