How Brendan Fraser, Famous Hunk Of The 90s And 00s, Looks Now

Date January 30, 2019 16:10

Do you remember when Brendan Fraser used to be a bright and recognizable actor, whose name could make viewers flock to movie theaters?


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The actor’s glory peaked in the 1990s and 2000s when George of the Jungle, Bedazzled, and of course, The Mummy franchise came out on the big screens.

In his youth, Fraser could boast of a stunning body, thick hair, and expressive cheekbones, but in recent years the actor has somewhat neglected himself.


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How Brendan Fraser, Famous Hunk Of The 90s And 00s, Looks NowGetty Images / Ideal Image

In Brendan’s latest pictures, it is becoming increasingly hard to recognize the smart and courageous adventurer we grew to love. He is a rare sight on the red carpet, but the paparazzi often catch him walking and relaxing with his family. So, in March 2018, Fraser was spotted on a Barbados beach with his sons.

Every now and then, social network users accuse the 50-year-old actor of neglecting himself. However, he has several reasons.

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As it turned out, Brendan used to perform many of the dangerous movie stunts himself, which affected his health. Due to the injuries he received while shooting, the star has undergone several surgeries and has been through lengthy recovery.


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Fortunately, the changed appearance didn’t put an end to Fraser’s career. In recent years, the actor has starred in several very successful projects, including The Affair, Condor, Trust, among others.


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We can only wish Brendan plenty of interesting roles and excellent health.

Which of the actor's movies is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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