Joseph Baena: What Do We Know About Arnold Schwarzenegger's Illegitimate Hunky Son?

Date February 4, 2019

When Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver filed for divorce after 25 years of seemingly solid marriage, the fans’ attention turned to 13-year-old Joseph Baena, the illegitimate son of the actor and politician. His mother was one of the couple's maids, Mildred Patricia Baena. He was born days after the birth of Arnold and Maria’s fourth child.

The handsome bodybuilder and the television journalist had been together since 1977: they had been dating for 8 years, and legally married for another 25. In the early 80s, after winning the title of Mr. Olympia, Schwarzenegger began his acting career and quickly turned into an idol of millions. Everybody saw him as an exemplary husband and father.

His eldest daughter, Katherine, a spitting image of her mother, is known for having written her first motivational book at the age of 19, and later also became a famous blogger. Not so long ago, she got engaged to Chris Pratt.

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Her sister Christina leads a less public lifestyle; they say she is very close with her father.

Patrick, the eldest, works as an actor and model.

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The youngest, Christopher, who is rarely seen in the public eye, was an avid surfer.


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According to media reports, Schwarzenegger had to come clean with his wife about his affair with Baena after Maria noted a striking similarity between the maid's son and her husband. It is uncertain if Arnold and Joseph are close, but it seems that Schwarzenegger loves and supports him. What is known about Joseph Baena?

When Mildred 'Patty' Baena was romantically involved with her boss, she too was legally married. They soon divorced, but the man learned that he was raising another child no sooner than the rest of us. It is rumored that Schwarzenegger himself didn’t have a clue he had a child out of wedlock for a long time. Joseph grew up, studied well, went into sports and charity, and entered a prestigious university.


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According to rumors, Schwarzenegger probably wouldn’t have acknowledged his paternity if it wasn’t for Shriver. All we know is that he took good care of his former mistress and child: he bought them a house, assisted them financially, and gave expensive gifts. In recent years, the father and son have demonstrated an excellent relationship and mutual understanding, and the former governor of California, apparently, is proud of his youngest.

It is not surprising: Joseph is making remarkable achievements in sports, sharing his father’s love for bodybuilding.

Little is known about the young man’s love life, but without a doubt, such a handsome and wealthy guy wouldn’t be single for long, right? It’s hard to tell if he gets along with his half-brothers and sisters. Even though in childhood, he used to spend a lot of time at Schwarzenegger’s due to his mother’s occupation, and practically grew up in front of Arnold and Maria, it is unlikely that the actor’s family welcomed him with open arms when the truth surfaced.

The divorce that took 6 years to finalize was hard for the Terminator, all his five children, and his wife, as the actor claimed in an interview. Nevertheless, he and Maria remained on good terms and still support each other.

Arnold has repeatedly stated that the blame for the separation was solely on him, but the actor has never regretted that Joseph, nearly his carbon copy, appeared a little more than 20 years ago. Maria has yet to forgive her husband's betrayal despite three decades spent together. What would you do if you were in her shoes?

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