Julia Roberts Went Shopping Flaunting ‘Grandma’s’ Robe And Diamonds


November 29, 2018 09:53 By Fabiosa

What makes us love Hollywood stars so much is their ability to be unpredictable! A recent Julia Roberts’ outing became peculiar not only due to the fact that it was a rare public sighting of the Oscar-winning beauty but also because of her look.

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Somehow, the sense of style seems to have failed the Hollywood celebrity. It’s unlikely that her stylists insisted on that particular dress that looked more like something one would wear strictly at home. Even though a grayish sweater hanging around her neck (or was that a scarf?) matched the color of the dress, it was clearly out of place. A strange hairstyle and rings on the fingers did not make her look any more complete.

Julia, what’s happened? Only the smile we know so well dispels doubts as to who is really in the photo. This look is in clear discord with what we are used to seeing at film festivals or photo shoots, where the actress dazzles with impeccable style.

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A whole different kettle of fish!

Apparently, the star doesn’t want anybody to tell her what’s what and is confident enough to wear anything she pleases. Well, credit where credit is due. For that, she deserves even more respect.

What’s particularly delightful is the fact that Julia Roberts was holding a neat little bag in her hands while exiting the mall. So, we can safely assume that her shopping was successful!

What do you think about this look of the iconic actress?

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