Looks Like Meghan Markle Found Her Favorite Pair Of Shoes

Date December 19, 2018

Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex on her marriage to Prince Harry in May 2018. She has managed to implement some serious changes in her style. Her outfits are now classier, more restrained, and elegant. Even considering that she has to follow the royal protocol, she continues to experiment demonstrating a more contemporary approach to fashion than conservative Kate.


Having analyzed all Meghan Markle’s looks in her last role of a duchess, it is fairly obvious that she’s found her favorite brands and even favored items of clothing. Meghan’s brand of choice since the day of the wedding has indisputably been Givenchy.

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What about her favorite shoes? It appears Meghan has chosen the pair she prefers over the rest. The Duchess’ comments are redundant considering that it’s been 4 times that she stepped out in the court shoes with open heel and a bow! Brand Aquazzura, price $750.


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The first time Meghan Markle put them on was to an occasion in London she attended with Prince Harry and Her Majesty on June 26.


The second time – on July 10, during her trip to Ireland. 


The third time Meghan wore the same shoes was on July 26, but in different color – nude. That time, she watched Prince Harry play polo.


The fourth time – back in black on Meghan’s birthday to a wedding of Prince Harry’s friend. It was on August 4. 

The preference towards this particular pair proves her outstanding taste, as this is hardly a pair of classic court shoes. A distinctive open heel adds some zest and style. Marvelous choice! How do you find Meghan Markle’s shoes? Let us know in the comments. 

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