When This Model Revealed Her True Age, She Was Asked To Show Her Passport

Date August 28, 2018

Meet Risa Hirako, a Japanese fashion model with over 227 thousand followers on Instagram.

What is so extraordinary about the appearance of this cute oriental girl? Not much, only that she is 47! 

For 18 years (1997 to 2015), Risa was married to famous Japanese actor Eisaku Yoshida. How is this possible?

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Recently, the teenage-looking model literally shocked her fans by revealing her true age. Users still refused to believe the numbers demanding to produce documents.

And only after Risa posted her passport scans with the date of birth, the fans were convinced that the woman was in fact born in Tokyo on February 14, 1971.

This means that now, the “girl” is 47 years old! She's older than, say, Queen of Spain Letizia!

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Still, Hirako hardly looks older than 25.

Now, Risa is busier than ever: she hits the catwalks, advertises fashion brands, and even releases music videos.

She doesn’t hide the fact that she leads a healthy lifestyle and adheres to a carefully planned diet, which includes almond milk, olive oil, honey, and banana puree.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect the Japanese beauty to reveal all her secrets.

So, we can only admire the eternal youth of Risa Hirako!

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