48-Year-Old Model Flaunted Her Stunning Post-Baby Body In A Revealing Swimsuit

Date January 30, 2019

Quite recently, famous model and actress Kenya Moore has welcomed a baby girl. The beauty didn’t stop working, demonstrating her stunning body weeks after childbirth. She's in unbelievable shape!



The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her husband, businessman Marc Daly, decided to have a child at a more mature age. And they were overwhelmed when they learned that Kenya was expecting a baby. But, the pregnancy was very difficult for the actress. At 8 months, Moore weighed 200 lb, and then gained another 17lb in just a week due to swelling and water retention in the body. Most likely, the sudden weight gain was the result of preeclampsia, a pregnancy complication that can be quite dangerous and is characterized by problems with blood pressure, swelling, and headaches.

The labor was also difficult. Due to complications, doctors had to do an emergency C-section.

Fortunately, thanks to the doctors’ and Kenya’s efforts, everything went well and her daughter Brooklyn Doris was born.

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A few weeks later, the actress shared rather revealing pictures. Seeing celebrity in pretty good shape with no scars or stretch marks after what she’s gone through, many suspected plastic surgery. However, the actress herself assured that she just ate healthily and exercised during her pregnancy.



But the photo Moore posted on her 48th birthday was a real sensation. The mom of the 11-week-old sported a skimpy bikini, which concealed little of her envious curves. The photos collected more than 271,000 likes and lots of comments of admiration.


Forty eight never looked so good ♥️


You look fantastic girl!



We, too, can’t help but admire Kenya. Not only has she survived difficult childbirth, but she also snapped right back to her pre-baby body. What do you think about Kenya?

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