Striking Resemblance: Internet Users Compare Princess Diana’s And Her Granddaughter Charlotte’s Childhood Photos

Date September 24, 2018

Despite their young age, Kate Middleton and Prince William’s children are already admired by people all around the world. Fans of the royal family are happy to watch them grow up, even though the parents try not to make the details of their family life public.


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Charlotte is a true leader among the three. And it's not just because she's the only girl there. The little Princess has already shown her strong character. With no competition from shy boys George and Louis, who haven’t had the chance to manifest themselves yet, she has seized public attention.

Her royal manners and mischievous smiles are impossible not to adore. Charlotte is very playful, sociable, and still shows tact of a true monarch. According to an insider, she welcomes guests with hospitality, offers them sweets, and inquires whether they want to have a cup of tea.


The girl received the title of Princess from her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. But this may change with time. Since there are already three people before her in the line of succession to the British throne (grandfather, father, and elder brother), Charlotte is unlikely to ever ascend the throne.

She is entitled to become Princess Royal in case of Anna’s (Elizabeth’s daughter) death with the permission of the then reigning monarch, or a duchess after marrying.


The girl is still very young, but she already has dedicated fan pages on social media. Admirers have created various photo collages showing how she grows up, as well as her resemblance to close relatives.

It is already clear that Charlotte is a little copy of her great-grandmother. You see it best looking at Queen Elizabeth’s childhood photos.

Followers noticed that she and Prince George have a similiar nose and lips.

Most likely, she inherited the keen and sincere look from her mother.

But most fans like to compare her royal cuteness with her late grandmother, Princess Diana. It's great that both have almost identical pictures with younger brothers on their laps.

Charlotte's appearance combines the features of her father, brother, grandmother, and great-grandmother. Who do you think the girl resembles the most?

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