Didn’t Look Like A Slip Of The Tongue: Charlize Theron Called Her Dress-Wearing 7-Year-Old Son A Girl

Date October 29, 2018 16:21

There are a lot of single mothers in Hollywood working hard to give their children only the best. Some of them are raising foster kids, who, despite the obvious, can call themselves very lucky.

Charlize Theron is one of them. This beautiful actress is the proud mother of Jackson and August. Both children were adopted, and Charlize has always believed that they should know about their origin and be proud of it. Her own mother, Gerda, helps in raising the children, for which the actress is immensely grateful to her. As for Theron’s personal life – she is still single.

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Progressive parenting is a new trend that is followed by many celebrities as well as ordinary people. Among other things, they instill in children the idea of equality: racial, ethnic, and sometimes gender. You are probably thinking about the charming daughters of Angelina Jolie: Shiloh and Vivienne that look like a couple of rascals with their short haircuts and clothes that would better suit their brothers. However, this story is not about them.

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A few years ago, Charlize shocked the public by stepping out with Jackson dressed up like a girl. On the one hand, all children enjoy different ‘fashionable experiments’: they unconsciously try on different roles, which, in general, is not bad for their social development.

However, these incidents seem to have become a norm - the boy regularly changes dresses flaunting new girlish looks every now and then. Recently, there's been another change in Jackson's style: he started to braid his hair and gather it in pigtails.

It seems that the mother is quite OK with her son’s choices, especially since there are other parents like her. Will Smith’s children are already adults, but he has always been supportive of their creative ways of self-expression. Thus, for some time the actor’s son used to prefer clothes that strongly resembled women’s. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are raising three boys, and one of them regularly wears dresses in public. Gwen Stefani’s fans weren't expecting anything of the kind when her son Kingston dressed up as a ballerina.


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Not so long ago, Charlize Theron’s made her fans scratch their heads again: in an interview with Elle, she shared a little about her motherhood experience and views on parenting, and also called her son... a girl.

I look at my two beautiful girls, and I have the worries that every other mother has. I want them to be safe and able to live their full potential.

Perhaps, Charlize was so overwhelmed speaking about her children, that she accidentally called both girls. And perhaps her son’s love for women's clothes changed her perception of him a little. What do you think, is it good for little Jackson?

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