Larger Than Life: Girls Who Went Too Far With Lip Fillers

Date October 15, 2018 13:22

What girl doesn’t dream of full and sensual lips? Alas, nature hasn’t blessed everyone with such, but today there are plenty of ways to fix it, from makeup to fillers. Some individuals are so obsessed with achieving perfection that they completely lose a sense of proportion. Looking at these girls’ lips, you can’t stop thinking that they may burst at any moment. Well, everyone has their own notion of beauty.

Girls who have overdone it with lip augmentation



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The 27-year-old architect from Poznan, Poland, dubbed “Polish Barbie” on the Web has spent more than $40,000 on plastic surgeries, including nose jobs and breast augmentation. But most it was spent on the lips, which look like a couple of wieners.


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After she took part in a TV show, the girl’s appearance has changed a lot. The owner of naturally full lips was still not satisfied by their volume and decided to inject fillers. Some fans approved of Aleksa’s new image, while others were disappointed.

Cindy Moore

This 32-year-old Englishwoman has dreamed of looking like a rubber doll since her childhood. Well, be careful what you wish for! Now Cindy has such huge lips that she can hardly close her mouth.

Alexandra Sheva

The girl became famous due to her appearance in a Russian reality TV show. She could have been happy with her full lips, pretty face and slender figure, but once she got some air time Alexandra started to work on her appearance. Now her lips look unnaturally, to put it mildly, and take up almost half her face.

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Mary Magdalene

The Canadian dancer had an idol - Angelina Jolie. To resemble the Hollywood star, Mary has corrected the shape of her nose, had 3 breast augmentation operations, and also made more than 15 injections of fillers in her lips. Although Ms. Magdalene’s similarity with Jolie is questionable, the Canadian herself is pleased with the results of her transformations.

Carly Mersola


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This girl was determined to become a copy of the seductive Jessica Rabbit – a cartoon character from the famous film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Frankly speaking, the resemblance between the two is not as striking as the size of Carly’s lips. And not only lips!

Rita Kern


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Another TV personality, who decided to reshape her appearance. Rita’s fascination with plastic surgeries seems to know no limits – now her lips and bust look intimidating.

Would you like to change something in your appearance? How do you feel about beauty injections? Share your opinion in the comments!

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