Queen Of Style: Have You Noticed This Charming Detail In Elizabeth II’s Looks?

Date September 7, 2018

While young girls seek to find out the beauty secrets and fashion tricks of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, more mature women don’t cease to admire the looks of Elizabeth II. And, despite the fact that the Queen has celebrated her 92nd birthday this year, she manages to look surprisingly fresh and well-groomed.


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The secret of the monarch's healthy complexion is quite simple – she avoids UV-rays in every possible way. In the summer days, the Queen doesn’t go out without a hat and glasses with photochromic lenses, which protect her eyes and skin from harmful radiation.


Women of any age will find Elizabeth II’s fashion habits useful. On her own example, the Queen has repeatedly proven that elegance never goes out of style, and properly chosen accessories can make a look unforgettable.


You probably couldn’t help but notice Elizabeth II's love for bright colors – colorful outfits help the people of Britain and the guests of the country see the monarch in the crowd.

Recently, internet users have found another charming detail of the Queen's wardrobe. It turns out, she always picks up umbrellas to match the color of her outfit!

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queen elizabeth II with pink umbrellagettyimages

queen elizabeth II with blue umbrellagettyimages

Even when it comes to tiny details, Elizabeth II doesn’t forget about style!

queen elizabeth II with yellow umbrellagettyimages

queen elizabeth II with purple umbrellagettyimages

The monarch's collection must include umbrellas for all occasions, and for any possible outfit!

queen elizabeth II with light pink umbrellagettyimages

queen elizabeth II with red umbrellagettyimages

Apparently, the Queen can give fashion lessons not only to mature people, but to young ladies, as well! Do you make sure your accessories match the color of your outfit?

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