RuPaul, Conchita Wurst, And Other Drag Queens - What Do They Look Like In Real Life?


October 18, 2018 13:58 By Fabiosa

Nowadays there are many celebrities all around the world who believe they belong to the opposite sex or simply appear in drag for fame. However, we often don’t know the people behind those lush wigs, extravagant outfits, and eye-catching makeup.

What do the most famous drag queens of today look like in real life?

Zaza Napoli

Vadim Kazantsev is always thorough when preparing for his performances. Zaza Napoli's enchanting outfits always amaze with their diversity, but the artist tries to be consistent in his makeup.


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Fair curls, scarlet lipstick, and smoky eyes are Vadim’s unfailing companions.


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Off the stage, Mr. Kazantsev is nothing like his scenic personality Zaza. By the way, the artist has been happily married for over 16 years.

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Many people remember the shocking Bulgarian singer, whose real name is Vasil Troyanov Boyanov, by glamorous makeup and manicure, blond hair, and defiant outfits.


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However, in recent years, Azis’s image has undergone tremendous changes.


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The artist lost 65 pounds, bulked up, and turned into a brutal dark-haired macho. As for Azis’s sexual orientation, it is still questioned by many.

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This 6-foot-seven platinum blonde is one of America’s most influential and successful drag queens. He always keeps a high standard of his images and performances.


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For his reality show, RuPaul's Drag Race, the artist has won 9 Emmy Awards as well as numerous others.


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In everyday life, the drag queen is a well-groomed 57-year-old man who prefers stylish, expensive costumes.

Diva Monroe

A TV presenter, actress, singer, blogger, social activist, and socialite - this artist has a truly wide range of activities.


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On his Instagram page, Monroe actively shares the details of his life, gives tips on nutrition and makeup lessons to the followers.


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Behind the blond wig and flamboyant costumes, there is a 40-year-old man named Alexander Shevchenko. By the way, the artist is not afraid to post images without makeup in his microblog.

Conchita Wurst

Fans of the Eurovision Song Contest are unlikely to ever forget this artist’s performance, which landed Austria the first place in 2014. However, not everybody was cheering for the victory of “a bearded woman.”

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Alas, Conchita Wurst’s extravagant image was given much more attention than her moving song and vocal talent.


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In real life, the artist's appearance is not very different from his stage image, except that he goes for less catchy outfits.

Trixie Mattel

A lot of white pencil under the eyes, clear contouring and two pairs of false eyelashes - this artist stands out even among other drag queens.


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Looking at Trixie’s photos, it’s hard to believe that in ordinary life she is this guy.


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Verka Serduchka

Another Eurovision star whose performance will forever remain in the fans’ memory. Catchy hits, a sparkling sense of humor, and an unusual image brought Verka Serduchka crazy success in Ukraine and the neighboring countries. The actor never appears on stage without bright costumes and sunglasses.


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But in real life, Andriy Danylko, who recently celebrated his 45th birthday, prefers plain blue jeans, baseball caps, and shirts.


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Probably, having met these artists on the street without makeup, many of us wouldn’t suspect it was them. And this once again proves their talent of transformation!

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