10 Beauty Rules Royals Have To Follow

Date August 8, 2018

Members of the royal family should follow certain rules regarding their appearance. And it’s not surprising, as their every step is watched by thousands of people, and paparazzi are ready to expose their tiniest mistake. What are the beauty rules and canons applicable to the royals?

1. Nail polish

No red! Only moderate, not glaring colors. Ladies from the royal family choose light and pastel.


2. Makeup

It should also be moderate. Eyeliner is allowed, but only if it isn’t too flashy. Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton and other ladies of the royal family strictly abide by this rule.


3. Hairstyles

The ladies mostly appear in public with classic hairstyles. Messiness, which is currently in trend, is frowned upon, the hair should be neatly set.

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4. Can’t refresh their makeup

Common women are used to carrying little mirrors in order to notice if there is something wrong with the makeup in time. As for the royals, they can’t afford this luxury. According to the royal protocol, refreshing the makeup in public is bad manners.


5. A color scheme

In this regard Kate Middleton can be taken as an example. The colors of all her clothes match with those of her husband’s and children’s outfits.


6. Handbags

Ladies of the royal family should wear little clutches. Large bags are not encouraged. There is even a rule about wearing them: not over a shoulder, but in hands. In addition to other benefits, it is rather convenient: when a royal is among servants, she can avoid a handshake as her hands are occupied.

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7. Modesty in clothes

Pantyhose is a must. And no miniskirts!


8. Pants and jeans

Pants and jeans are a rare exception. They are permissible for some routine outings, such as participating in a sports event or a trip out of town. 


10. Gloves

As for today, there is no strict rule about wearing gloves. But they are needed at official receptions.  At least not to contract any disease with all that handshaking. The gloves may be taken off only during a meal.

Lives of royals are full of restrictions and rules, including those regarding the appearance. But, they aren’t that hard to follow, don’t you think?

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