5 Celebrities Who Regretted Getting Tattoos

Date September 13, 2018

Nowadays, more often than not you can meet young people with tattoos on their bodies. Some people have small and neat images, while others go for big and flamboyant ones.

What’s the point of tattoos

Psychologists call this a manifestation of self-harm, when negative emotions, consciously or not, are directed inwards, an element of self-destructive behavior. Everyone chooses for themselves if it's good or bad. But anyway, one must seriously consider how a tattoo they are getting will look over the years.

After all, there are many cases when with time people regretted getting tattoos under the influence of emotions. It happens even to celebrities!

Heidi Klum


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Four stars representing the number of her children - this is all that remains of the image, which the German model and TV presenter got together with her husband, Seal, as a sign of love and loyalty overwhelmed by romantic feelings. Alas, the couple broke up. And along with the divorce the name of her ex disappeared from Heidi’s right arm leaving only four stars.

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Johnny Depp


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Now, what am I supposed to do with these hands covered in ink?

– this is what the Hollywood celebrity must be thinking. Or just add the name of the new passion to the previous two - Winona Ryder and Amber Heard. Even though the heartthrob tried to “correct” the texts after each breakup, the marks are still there - on the hands and in the soul.


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Melanie Griffith


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A heart-shaped tattoo with the name Antonio on her shoulder is more serious than a marriage stamp in the passport. This is how the actress wanted to express her love for Antonio Banderas, with whom she lived in marriage for 18 years. The couple broke up, the feelings were gone, but the tattoo remained. Yet, she adjusted it a little.

Kelly Osbourne


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First, spend money and suffer pain from getting a tattoo, and then again pain and money to remove it. Such a difficult path was chosen by the British singer, who has 15 tattoos on her body. Including a synthesizer! This is how much Kelly Osbourne loves music.

Angelina Jolie


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The beautiful actress can’t seem to learn from her mistakes and stubbornly keeps getting the names of her sweethearts inked on her body, and then tries to cover them up! Three times! She replaced the name of her first husband Billy Bob Thornton with coordinates of the six children’s birthplaces. Prior to it, there was the letter “H” on Angie's trained body that stood for Timothy Hatton and signs in honor of Jonny Lee Miller, which over time she turned into a quote of Tennessee Williams.

And how do you feel about tattoos in general? Have you had a desire to decorate your body with one? Share, if it’s not too embarrassing.

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