52-Year-Old Stunner! Salma Hayek Ravished Internet Users With Bikini-Clad Body

Date September 5, 2018 14:04

A few days ago, on September 2, 2018, Mexican and American actress Salma Hayek turned 52! However, in her recent photos, she doesn’t look older than 40. Salma looks fresh and young, and most importantly - there are no visible signs of plastic surgeries or beauty shots on her face.

Even if the actress did resort to the services of beauty surgeons and cosmetologists, they’ve done a great job. For what it’s worth, we believe that Salma’s beauty secrets are good genetics and a healthy lifestyle.

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On her Instagram Hayek often posts photos with no retouching, no filters, or Photoshop. Truth be told – she’s a real beauty!

No wonder Salma has almost 7.5 million subscribers, and the comment section is always flooded with words of admiration.

Salma doesn’t shy away from posting swimsuit photos, and why would she? The actress flaunts her gorgeous body, and considering her age... A woman is a stunner!

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It's nice to see that Salma does not try to look younger. She is obviously very comfortable in her body, and it, in turn, is grateful for her leading a healthy lifestyle.

Who wouldn’t dream of having such a figure after blowing out 52 candles on the birthday cake?

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Salma Hayek