Age Is Just A Number: Once 66-Year-Old Brigitte Macron Flaunted Toned Legs In Tiny Shorts

Date May 13, 2019

French President Emmanuelle Macron is one of the most handsome politicians of our time, but his wedding caused quite some bewilderment. His chosen one was a woman 24-years senior and a mother of three.


They met when Emmanuel was only 15. At that time, Brigitte was a teacher of French literature, Latin and drama, and Macron - one of the students who participated in her school play. Romantic relations between them arose in a year, but as expected the parents of the young man transferred him to another school. Despite the parent's disapproval the couple continued to communicate until Brigitte’s divorce in 2006.


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Some time later, she married the ambitious young politician and moved to Paris. She used to continue working as a teacher, but in 2015 she decided to focus on assisting her husband, who was at the time the country’s economy minister. Brigitte has always been his inspiration and support: according to the president, it is to her that he owes what he is.

Becoming France’s first lady, she didn’t gain any formal influence on the government, but it is this fragile woman who is up to speed on the matters of social policy and is perfectly capable of analyzing the effectiveness of certain draft bills in this sphere.

Despite the fact that Mrs. Macron has already had her 66th birthday and is a happy grandmother of seven, she doesn’t dress “her age”. The president’s wife has managed to keep the admirable figure and she is probably the only first lady who can indulge herself in above-the-knee dresses and suits.

Also, Brigitte often emphasizes her slimness by wearing tight-fitting pants and jeans, which make her look much younger.

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The secret of her young looks turned out to be quite simple – Mrs. Macron keeps fit through sports. Recently, the couple has been on a holiday in the South of France at the Fort de Bregancon, where the first lady was seen on a cycle trip. Mrs. Macron was wearing a bright T-shirt and tiny shorts, showing her slim and fit legs.

These photos were met with huge admiration on the internet: in her 66 Brigitte looks better than many much younger women.

The first lady of France is one of the best examples that it is a person, who defines the lifestyle, not the age. It is seen in her active public position, her image and attitude. Perhaps, these qualities allowed the former teacher to become an icon of style.

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