Britney Spears Made Three Serious Fashion Mistakes In Her Everyday Look

Date August 29, 2018

Britney Spears is famous for many things, but refined taste isn’t one of them. She has always preferred to wear acid-colored dresses, rhinestones, needle-thin stilettos with miniskirts, and things like that even off the stage.


But, the last singer’s outing was even more disappointing for stylists and her fans. The actress has managed to fit 3 obvious fashion mistakes in an everyday look. And how many will you find?

The pop singer is now in Paris in the middle of her concert tour. For a walk in the city, Britney chose a pink top, jeans, leather boots and a bag.

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Let's start with the obvious. For several seasons in a row, stylists have been arguing that low rise jeans are out of trend. Besides, they are inconvenient. In the photo, you can see Britney pulling them up not to show underwear.

Also, contrasting underwear visible through clothes is bad manners. The singer combined a black bra with a nearly see-through pink top.


Cowboy boots are also inappropriate in the summer heat. It is over 77 °F in Paris.

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Aviator glasses are a bit outdated, although stylists don’t consider it a mistake. This is actually a matter of taste.

Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, who is 13 years younger than her, was wearing a white T-shirt, black zipper jacket and checkered trousers, rolled up. It seems that Spears's style doesn’t bother him at all.


How do you find the actress's outfit? Would you risk wearing this? Write your opinion in the comments!

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