Colors Kate Middleton Prefers And Avoids

Date August 16, 2018

Kate Middleton can be legitimately called a true icon of style. Many women try to copy her elegant and sophisticated garments.


What makes Kate more relatable is that she can wear the same outfit two or three times. It seems that the duchess doesn’t squander money right and left.

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If you look through Kate’s photos from official outings, you may notice that her preferences in outfits range from light to dark, from romantic to somber. There are all colors in her wardrobe, except for... Have you guessed which one is missing?


The duchess doesn’t fancy orange. We’ve seen her in green, yellow, red, pink, black, white… the list can go on. Once Kate wore a red dress with a tint of carroty, but it was closer to scarlet, than orange.


Kate also prefers pale pink, but it is still far from orange.

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Why would Kate hate orange? We think it would look lovely on her!

Have you noticed this peculiarity about the Duchess of Cambridge? Let us know in the comments!

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Kate Middleton