Fashion, The Italian Way: A Style Guide From The Most Famous Italian Blogger

Date September 27, 2018 16:04

Chiara Ferragni is a 31-year-old Italian fashion businessperson and media influencer, famous for demonstrating perfect fashion solutions in her blogs thus teaching style and the ability to correctly understand and use trends to millions of women around the world.

Maybe Chiara doesn’t have a unique sense of style, but she sure knows how to look fashionable. We present to you 10 looks of the Italian blogger, which those, who have long wanted to add a few ultra-trendy looks to their wardrobe, will definitely appreciate.

1. Total denim

Denim jackets and jeans, whether in an ensemble or as separate items, are now in vogue. Chiara knows this very well, so she showcases this simplest total denim look. What is special about it? If you put on a denim outfit, then make sure that underneath the denim you don’t have a strange blouse, only a plain white or black T-shirt.

2. Leopard print

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Designers unanimously claim that the leopard is back in style, but does it mean that it should be only brown? Not at all. Chiara suggests choosing clothes with this print, but experimenting with shades.

3. Black and white look

The Italian blogger presents a black long jacket and cropped black pants with white side stripes. Again, go for something white under the jacket. It will create a proper and trendy contrast.

4. A bit of tweed

You don’t have to copy Jacqueline Kennedy’s tweed suits. You can combine a tweed jacket or vest with stylish jeans, as Chiara did. A perfect solution!

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5. Boho-chic

Yes, it is in trend! But you may want to take it easy unless you want to look like a child of flowers. One detail of this style will suffice. In Chiara’s case, it’s a jacket.

6. Floral dresses

Pinafores or summer dresses. They are always fashionable, comfortable and feminine. Just look at Chiara!

7. Bright colors

Why not try something unusual sometimes? Chiara chose a chartreuse green that looks very original and lively!

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8. Striped print

It has always been and will forever be in trend, so stock up with black and white striped blouses and T-shirts! In this case go for black, white or denim bottom.

9. One-piece swimsuits

Of course, it will be harder to tan, but if you wear a two-piece swimsuit in the morning, and a one-piece in the evening, you will sunbathe enough and still look trendy! The best colors are red, black and white.

10. Tuxedo dress

The hottest new trend! Meghan Markle and Melania Trump have repeatedly opted for this fashionable solution. The Italian beauty also suggests that this outfit will look elegant and very modern.

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Remember these 10 fashion tips. With these clothes in your wardrobe, you can create a range of exquisite looks!

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