How The Royals Travel: Strange Rules And Interesting Facts

Date August 10, 2018

It's no secret that royals have to travel a lot. They make many tours with working visits both within the British Islands and beyond their borders.

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Many people consider flights as extremely tiring: long lines, baggage check-in, and receipt, flights delay, jet lags, time zones, and hotels that do not meet expectations. But do royals face all these objects?

Today, we will tell you about the rules and interesting facts relating to the royal family's travel.

1. Two royal heirs cannot fly together


This is due to the protection of the royal family tree. However, the Queen has the last word and can decide who of her direct heirs are allowed or prohibited to fly together. However, the British monarchs repeatedly violated this paragraph of the protocol. So, in 2014, Prince George accompanied William and Kate on a tour to Australia and New Zealand, and in July 2017, Princess Charlotte joined the Dukes of Cambridge as well as during the tours to Poland and Germany.

2. Security is above everything


Monarchs never fly without their team of first-class bodyguard security service. However, it is not numerous - so, in 2011, William and Kate were accompanied by 7 people only during a tour to Los Angeles.

3. All immigration rules apply to royal members as well


Even monarchs cannot travel without passports. Elizabeth II is the exception - she does not need an identity card when crossing the border. At the same time, the Queen is forced to pass an identity check each tour to inform the officials her full name, age, address, citizenship and even sex. For the rest, royal family members adhere to customs and immigration rules, like all other passengers.

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4. The Monarchs take black clothing in each trip


This is not a dress code for the upcoming events, but a precautionary measure. If one of the royal members remaining in the UK dies, the monarchy "traveler" should wear mourning clothes and return to his country in a black outfit.

5. They travel with a large team


Most of us fly alone, with friends or family, but not Windsors! They are accompanied by a large team each tour - communications officer, secretaries, hairdressers, bodyguards, professional stylists, nannies, and many others. Usually, Queen Elizabeth II's "entourage" includes 34 people. But William and Kate travel a little more modestly - they are accompanied by about 10 assistants.

6. Royals take their own blood bags with them


Elizabeth II and Prince Charles always keep blood bags, visiting countries where the donor blood supply is questionable. The monarchs on travel are accompanied by the Royal Navy doctor, in case any of them need a transfusion.

7. They should know how to greet people in different languages


The British monarchy representatives should know the basic greetings in the native language of each country they visit. This gesture is a sign of respect for a particular state culture and a way to make a good first impression on its inhabitants.

As you can see, the royal family traveling features are very different from ours. Mainly, due to security issues and the royal protocol. And which of the following rules surprised you? Tell us in the comments!

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