Japan’s Princess Surrendered The Royal Title To Marry Her True Love - A Commoner

Date November 1, 2018

Stories about modern-day Cinderellas are not that uncommon in our time - titled men falling in love with ordinary women and later marrying them, saving them from poverty or, at least, from not being extremely wealthy. One of the most famous stories like this is the wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. If you think about it, many representatives of royal dynasties around the world have chosen to marry girls from a lower class in recent years. And there are monarchs who are ready to give up everything for the sake of love.


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Japanese Princess Ayako, one of Emperor Akihito’s cousins, did just that. The traditional celebration was held on October 29, 2018. Although the holiday was private, hundreds of people gathered around the temple, in which the newlyweds exchanged their wedding vows.

The Empire of Japan is one of the oldest in the world: even the haughty British are no match for its representatives when it comes to etiquette and rules. Pursuant to unbreakable imperial traditions, Ayako lost her title and almost all the privileges the moment she became the lawful spouse of her sweetheart.


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The girl's chosen one is Kei Moriya, 32, a commoner and an employee of a shipping company. The young people first met a little less than a year ago and announced their engagement a few months before the ceremony.


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Although Ayako is no longer a member of the imperial family, she was glad to have the opportunity to go her own way and ensured that her deepest respect to the current heads of state remained unchanged.

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During the ceremony, Ayako looked marvelous and changed two wedding dresses. Although the bride and groom tried to be calm and restrained, they couldn’t manage to hide their overwhelming happiness.


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Of course, the former princess’s life is going to change dramatically, but her family didn’t leave her with nothing. According to CNN, she will receive a one-time support from the government in the amount of $950,000.


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The decision to completely change her life and forfeit the title must have been a tough one. We can only hope that Princess Ayako has made the right choice. And what would you do in her shoes?

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