Kate Middleton Shared Memories Of Her Student Years And The Love For Photography

Date August 8, 2018

Today Kate Middleton is the wife of an heir to the British throne, a mother of 3, and a patron of numerous initiatives in the fields of sports, health, and culture. She is one of the most stylish women in Europe and the world, who turned her name and sense of taste into a brand. But ten years ago her life was completely different.


Before attending the prestigious Marlborough College, and later the University of St Andrews, where the duchess met her future husband, she studied in private boarding schools. Today, her popularity is unquestionable, but back then the attitude towards her was completely different - peers would sometimes even pick on her for the appearance and high timbre of voice.



Of course, she was no stranger to leisure traditional for students - along with serious sports she occasionally participated in competitions, attended parties.


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However, little is known about this period of the duchess’s life. Only occasionally does she share her real passions with the press. In 2005, Middleton received her master's degree in art history. Presumably, it was during her university years, when she became fascinated with her life-long passion - photography.


Recently the Duchess of Cambridge has become a patron of a major annual international photo exhibition of Victorian Giants: The Birth of Art Photography. It included rare and exciting shots from the history of photography, in particular, the Victorian age. Kate took an active part in the selection of the pictures to be displayed, accompanied them with captions and tried to personally open the exhibitions.

In a foreword published in preparation for the exhibition, Kate focused on the fact that it was the photography of the Victorian age that she had chosen as the subject of her undergraduate thesis - she was so inspired by pictures of children made by artists of that time.

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It’s not a secret that this particular area of ​​art is her hobby. This is evidenced by official portraits of her own children. Kate Middleton broke one of the royal traditions making them herself instead of trusting royal photographers with this responsible duty.

It's always interesting to find out what our idols were fond of many years ago. In the foreword Kate also mentioned that it was through the rare and personal photographs that she realized how important it is to create suitable conditions for children, so that they have full, timely and happy childhood.

Some of our hobbies come and go, others stay with us for years, but each leaves an imprint. In the modern rhythm of life it’s hard to find enough time for what we truly love, but it is precisely what makes us better versions of ourselves, don’t you think?

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