How Would Slim Celebrities Look Like If They Gained A Bit

Date September 11, 2018

Many famous women become icons of style and standards of appearance for their fans, as well as for people completely indifferent to their talents and achievements. People are copying them, in particular, trying to be as slim and well-tended. Celebrities put a lot of effort into their appearance, but we decided to airbrush them a little to see how they would look if they got a bit plumper. In most cases the results are pleasantly surprising.

1. Katy Perry

The young American singer is quite experimental with her style, which probably adds to her fame as much as her rather captivating personal live. The girl looks stunning with her occasional short haircut. It seems to us that her frailty and chiseled face lines are what gives particular charm. With plumper cheeks she would be less distinctive.

2. Emma Watson

After a screaming success of Harry Potter movies, many young actors became world famous, but Emma’s success probably outshined them all. The girl has already managed to portray several significant characters and create her own signature look. Most people would say Watson is perfect the way she is, but we say a touch more rounded cheek line would make her face tenderer.

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3. Emma Roberts

The American actress and singer can’t complain about her figure – she is slim and feminine at the same time. Although she could benefit from a few more pounds on her body, less sharply contoured face makes her plain-looking, don’t you think?

4. Alesya Kafelnikova

The young model became famous in a very tender age. Alesya has always been so skinny, that many found her to be on a verge of anorexia. Anyway, the girl has very distinctive and even charismatic face lines.

5. Mila Kunis

Still looking girlish in 34, the actress delights her admirers keeping her figure in the perfect balance. Recently, Mila has slimmed down, but we think that a bit more rounded face would make her smile more radiant.

6. Blake Lively

Another young mother and a Hollywood style icon has not once but twice demonstrated how with some serious effort a woman can get back in shape after bringing a life to this world. As with Mila Kunis, a few pounds wouldn’t hurt the actress.

7. Victoria Beckham

Posh Spice, a successful business woman and mother of 4, takes her nutrition and fitness level very seriously. This must be why now she looks even better than 20 years ago. It seems to us, that she loses her charm and identity without the signature leanness.

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8. Sarah Jessica Parker

Even after celebrating her 53th birthday, Sarah’s body remains an object of envy. Despite occasional criticism, the actress knows what she’s been doing all along – if Sarah Jessica Parker was chubbier, she would most likely look older.

Weight and satisfaction with one’s appearance usually go hand in hand. Many women fight with extra pounds by all means forgetting that it’s inner peace that makes a person beautiful. Even though a perfect body requires constant maintenance, don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while and enjoy life. Wouldn’t you agree?

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