Queen Of Passion: 8 Of Madonna’s Most Provocative Outfits


November 28, 2018 19:43 By Fabiosa

It’s hard to believe, but on August 16, 2018, the legendary American singer turned 60!

Throughout her stage career Madonna has rocked most eccentric and revealing outfits. Let’s remember the most provocative of them!

1. Young Louise’s manifest

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2. Like Marilyn Monroe


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3. This dress made quite a stir!


4. The singer has always fell for the combination of red and black

5. Madonna can be so different

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6. The singer uses accessories with skill, engaging the viewer’s subconscious

7. Madonna likes to wear “mannish” suits

8. She isn’t afraid to appear in public wearing most unthinkable clothes!

This explains why Jean Paul Gaultier, a couture and fashion designer, still considers Madonna Louise Ciccone his muse!

Even in 60, Madonna doesn’t lose ground, and her shocking outfits are impossible to forget!

She is the true Queen of Passion!

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