Razor-Thin Brows Are Coming Back. Unmatched Rihanna On The Cover Of British Vogue

Date August 7, 2018 14:09

Fashion is cyclic in nature. Trends come and go, and then come back again. Sometimes, they seem to be something new and fresh — styles, fabrics, and colors are slightly different. But in fact, there is nothing new under the sun. Probably, that’s why all sharp dressers are now carrying bum bags, net shopping bags, cat-eye glasses, and polka dot dresses. Yet, if people can put up with these trends, few people are ready for thin natural lips and skinny eyebrows back from the 60s.

Rihanna dared to challenge the cult of thick eyebrows appearing on the cover of most fashionable Vogue with two razor-thin lines instead of bushy caterpillars. Fashion, wait! You’re too fast.

The main editor of The Cut Stella Bugbee has tweeted a prediction that thin eyebrow will be back in style within two years. She added a joke:

Don’t worry if you can’t take the idea that skinny brows will come back, its just because you’re old and it won’t matter for you because these things only apply to young people.

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Here is how Rihanna’s fans reacted to her new photos: "Where are her eyebrows?", "Please don't tell me ultra-thin eyebrows are making a comeback, I finally have nice ones now", "This cover sets women back 60 years", "What a horrible cover". 

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While some of the users were concerned with her eyebrows, true fashion people did justice on her dresses, hair, and the whole look in general. 

What do you think, will skinny brows come back soon? Interesting, what will happen with those who’s already got the permanent brows? Write your answers in the comments.

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