Royal Fashion No-No’s: 7 Things Meghan Markle Can No Longer Indulge

Date September 4, 2018 16:04

Each Meghan Markle’s official outing is literally scrutinized under a magnifying glass by paparazzi and internet users. People want to see everything from the brands she wears to things that break the royal protocol.

Today, we decided to list Meghan’s favored things she has to forget now.

1. Bright makeup


As much as Meghan Markle used to adore bright lipstick, shadows, and contouring, she had to leave it all in the past. According to the royal protocol, makeup should be most natural: flaws hidden, merits emphasized, nothing more. Besides, the Duchess has to forget about lip gloss. Natural colors of lipstick are expected.

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2. Messy hair


This rule Meghan has repeatedly violated, even at the wedding. Stray strands and hairs, as well as messy bun - all this contradicts the royal rules. It wouldn’t hurt if Meghan Markle learned from Kate or changed her stylist!

3. Jeans


In her daily life before marriage, Markle could be often seen in jeans, including ripped and worn out ones. After the engagement, she had to remove this item from her wardrobe, and now, Meghan can indulge jeans only outside the city away from the cameras.

4. Leather biker jacket

Another Meghan’s favorite item of clothing now banned for her. There is no mention of the biker jacket in the royal protocol per se. But it's just uncouth for a member of the royal family.

5. Deep neckline            


A slight décolletage is not forbidden. However, as for the look in the photo above, Meghan Markle can do that no more.

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6. Shorts

Growing up in California Meghan got used to wearing shorts, and before the marriage wore them quite often. Now, the only royals who can indulge themselves in shorts are Prince George and Prince Louis (when he grows up a little).

7. Mini length


This rule Meghan has already managed to break on several occasions. Her favorite mini length, way above the knees, is perhaps something she misses the most. Ideally, a skirt or dress should cover the knees.

Anyway, all these little things fade in comparison with privileges Meghan acquired after becoming the Prince's wife. Have you noticed other times Markle broke the protocol? Tell us in the comments!

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