Russian Model With Longest Legs In The World Opened Up About Her Life

Date September 18, 2018

Girls with long slender legs have always attracted attention. And this girl even more so! With the height of 6′8′′, Ekaterina Lisina has 52-inches-long legs. And wears 14 size shoes. How can you not notice her!

The Russian woman has been officially included in the Guinness Book of Records 2018 as the owner of the longest legs in the world. She has been also awarded the title of the world's tallest model.

When we brought Ekaterina from the hospital, we noticed that she had very long legs

– remembers her father.

Ekaterina’s father is “only” 6 feet 6 inches, and the mother is six-two.

In her youth, thanks to her impressive height, Lisina joined a basketball team and even played in the Russian national team. But in 2014 Ekaterina left the big sports devoting herself to the modeling business and family. While raising a son, she participates in various projects, for example, the show World's Tallest Models.


Nice memories from Paris with love😙🗼 photographer : 👍

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The tall model is often invited to various talk shows, some of which she attends. To communicate with her many people have to raise on their tiptoes. And the hosts of British TV show "This Morning" even used ladders to match the model in terms of height.

Ekaterina Lisina admits that at first, she felt beautiful when she was only in 24. She says that she loves her body, legs, and figure!

By the way, another Swedish girl became popular on the internet due to incredibly long legs. This girl is 5′10′′, but her legs are 42.5 inches long!

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Even though she’s got nothing on Ekaterina Lisina, she looks out of this world.


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Only after Ekaterina accepted and started loving herself did she find her vocation. Would you come up to take a selfie with such a lady?

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