Simple Trick That Helps Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle Avoid Wardrobe Mishaps

Date August 23, 2018

Being a queen, a duchess or a first lady is not easy. They have to always look good, even in the wind, rain, or snow. No one is safe from the whims of the weather, but famous women approach their wardrobe choices for official visits and trips with the utmost thoroughness.

Lately, the public's attention has been mostly focused on Meghan Markle, as Kate Middleton is still on the maternity leave, and their mother-in-law, Camilla Parker Bowles is less of a public figure. Meanwhile, the Duchess of Sussex’s style has noticeably changed. Her preference in clothes shifted towards classical style, but occasionally she indulges herself in light and floating outfits.


Truth be told, the latter have not yet managed to play a trick on her, but more than once different wardrobe items have practically embarrassed the former actress’s royal relatives. Queen Elizabeth’s style is quite conservative - it seems that she always looks perfect. But even the prim monarch sometimes has to fight to keep her elegant headwear in place.


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You may also notice that Michelle Obama didn’t enjoy the weather on that day either. While Camille Parker Bowles had a similar experience, but on a different occasion.


Not so long ago, even Prince Charles couldn’t cope with his own gloves turning to his wife for help.

Judging by these photos the Duchess of Cambridge is holding a record for unsuccessfully selected outfits, but other famous women have also had some embarrassing moments.




Fortunately, Kate has managed to avoid such mishaps for a long time.

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Recently, the wives of young princes have opted for clothes of thicker fabrics, which are less likely to be affected by wind.


One of the possible secrets of the duchesses was revealed by etiquette expert and founder of Beaumont Etiquette, Myka Meier. The expert believes that in their wardrobes the famous ladies have special undergarments that increase the static. These undergarments repeat contours of the body and limit the movements of a skirt making it harder for the outfit to blow up in a strong wind.

Wearing such underwear can cause some inconvenience, especially in the hot season. However, this is an effective trick, which allegedly helps the duchesses look flawless.

Myka also assumed that this is not the only trick celebrities apparently use. A hat is another stylish and complementary accessory that helps to preserve the hairstyle. Thanks to them women look neat and tidy even after long trips or flights.

Of course, wardrobe mishaps often seem funny, but they can spoil the overall impression and even negatively affect the reputation. Do you find it plausible that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are using underwear that increases the static?

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