Olsen Sisters, Adele And Others Celebrities That Look Much Older Than Their Age

Date September 19, 2018 11:07

The appearance is a deceitful thing, as you must have been learned by now. And this is not only about the instances, when dreadful character hides behind a cherubic face. Very often, the appearance doesn’t correspond to the person’s true age.

Looking at some celebrities, it can be very hard to guess their age. And if some celebrities look a few years younger due to various rejuvenating procedures or good genetics, others look much older than they are!

Here are 7 celebrities that are in fact much younger than they appear to be.

Adele, 30 years old


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The amazing singer has won many prestigious awards, but it is difficult to tell her real age. Perhaps, Adele looks older because of her body constitution, retro dresses and catchy make-up with her famous winged-eyeliner. However, she seems to be quite satisfied with the way she looks.

Kylie Jenner, 20 years old


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Despite her very young age, the member of the Kardashian clan has had a few plastic surgeries, launched her own cosmetics brand and given birth! Kylie’s trademark look — puffy lips, complex hairstyles and bright makeup — makes her look 5-7 years older. 

Millie Bobby Brown, 14 years old


"Other people's children grow up fast," the famous saying goes and Millie serves a great example. The star of the popular TV series "Stranger Things" looks almost 10 years older than she is! Of course, the main blame for this lies with the actress's stylists. Cat eye, black clothes, strict hairstyle - all these add extra years. We'd like to see Millie wearing a flimsy dress and a playful hairdo!

Margot Robbie, 28 years old


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Margot's popularity literally soared in the last few years. Such blockbusters as "The Wolf of Wall Street", "Suicide Squad", "Focus" and many others brought her worldwide fame and admiration. Robbie is incredibly beautiful, but did you know that she was born in 1990?

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Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, 32 years old


Many of us grew up watching the films with these star twins, and we remember them as cheeky blond little girls. But then they grew up too quickly. Ashley and Mary-Kate don’t look anything like their age! Perhaps, it's due to their excessive slimness and somehow old-fashioned style of clothing?

Britney Spears, 36 years old


The popular singer has had her ups and downs, including various stressful situations and problems with drugs. All these reflected on Britney's face. The last few years Spears has led a healthy life and followed a balanced diet, but when you are looking at the celebrity, you can think she is 40 or even 45.

Lindsay Lohan, 32 years old


The same illegal substances, plastic surgeries and endless scandals have turned Lindsay from a pretty girl into a mature lady. Although the actress is trying to get her life together, most likely she won’t look as young as she used to.

As you can see, ill-chosen clothes, catchy make-up, addictions and even beauty procedures often add extra years. A natural and healthy lifestyle is the best way for women to look young and attractive in any age!

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