Too Thin Arms: Social Networks Users Suspected Anorexia In 65-Year-Old Brigitte Macron

Date October 19, 2018

Brigitte Macron, the wife of the French president, has always been slim. The First Lady’s slender figure allows her to rock tight jeans, short skirts, and open shoulders. But the other day, it occurred to social networks users that she’s never been so slim!


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In mid-October, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron welcomed the Korean President and his spouse to the Élysée Palace. The photos that were taken that day came under scrutiny on the Internet.

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Mrs. Macron wore a stylish dark blue dress with short sleeves. It hung loosely on the French First Lady.


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The network users noted that Brigitte Macron lost much weight. Her arms were called “sickly” and it was suggested that she was suffering from anorexia. Many recommended the woman to gain a few pounds.

Looking at the smile and shining eyes of the First Lady of France, we can assume that she is all right. Since a serious diagnosis such as anorexia can be only made by doctors, critics are most likely mistaken.

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But here is Brigitte a month ago. Healthy and cheerful!

Another topic that the public seems to never lose interest in is the age gap between Brigitte and Emmanuel Macron. But is it really important if people are happy together for such a long time?

How do you like the new look of Mrs. Macron? Most likely, it was the dress that made her visually thinner.

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