Two Peas In A Pot? Social Media Is Going Crazy Over Brad Pitt Copying His Girlfriends

Date August 3, 2018

They say, when you are in a long-term relationship, you start picking up each other’s habits. Brad Pitt is a perfect example!


Throughout his career, the actor has grown into numerous iconic characters, and internet users spotted one peculiarity. In a relationship, one of the most handsome men of Hollywood always looks like his current girlfriend. Brad Pitt’s fans came to a conclusion that their icon took after each of his sweethearts!

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It all started with Sarah McGonagall, a New York photographer, posting an old newspaper cover reading: «Brad: The man who likes to look like his girlfriend». This post became viral in no time, and in the comments internet users are trying to remember all cases of Brad Pitt copying his girlfriends.

Christina Applegate

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Jitka Pohledek

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Gwyneth Paltrow


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Jennifer Aniston


Angelina Jolie


This hilarious resemblance makes social network users laugh to tears. It looks like it’s not only the movie set, where the Hollywood actor applies his superpowers of transformation. He is a true chameleon in real life as well!

Do you pick up any features of your partners? Tell us in the comments!

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