Victoria Beckham, 44, In Mini-Shorts Looks Like Her 16-Year-Old Son’s Girlfriend


September 6, 2018 10:18 By Fabiosa

The ex-Spice girl and now, famous designer Victoria Beckham continues to delight her fans with her style and way of life.

For several decades now, she has been an example for many women around the world and a true standard of slenderness.

A few days ago, the mother of four once again took her subscribers’ breath away.

On September 1, 2018, Victoria’s son Romeo turned 16.

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On this occasion, the star posted a fresh photo on her Instagram account.


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In the photo, the 44-year-old mother dressed in a shirt and denim mini-shorts embraces her son. In addition to incredibly young looks of Posh Spice, the fans were amused by the slender and tanned legs of a celebrity.

Victoria looks so young that next to a 16-year-old boy looks like his girlfriend!


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Beckham has taken good care of her figure from early youth, doing regular sports and eating only healthy food.

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But there are those, who think that she’s gone too far.

In particular, Victoria has been accused of promoting anorexia, because some find her slimness to be on the verge of sickness.

However, no critical feedback could make the mother of four change her lifestyle.


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One way or the other, 44-year-old Victoria looks stunning! A role model for mothers!

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