What A Disaster! 7 Scandals At Princess Eugenie’s Wedding


October 16, 2018 16:42 By Fabiosa

2018 has been rich in royal weddings! Hardly did we finish discussing the details of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ceremony, when only six months later there was another festive occasion - Princess Eugenie’s wedding.


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Like any other royal wedding, this celebration will be remembered for a long time - unfortunately, not only by the abundance of sweet and touching moments but also by some embarrassing ones.

We offer you a selection of the most scandalous moments from the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank. These will be discussed for a long time!

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1. Mom's reaction

Red-haired Sarah Ferguson (mother of Princess Eugenie) has become one of the main highlights of the occasion. She was quite emotional at the wedding of her daughter.

Here is Ferguson’s reaction to her ex-husband (they haven’t kept in touch for a long time) leading their daughter down the aisle.

2. Tricky wind

14-year-old Louise Windsor had a most awkward situation when the wind lifted the skirt of her dress obscenely high, exposing all the details of the girl's clothes.

By the way, they say that a strong wind at a wedding is not a good sign. But we don’t believe it, do we?

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3. The ring that wouldn't fit

What will you say about this?

When Jack began to put a wedding ring on Eugenie's finger, it turned out that it was a bit smaller. The groom had to apply some force for the accessory to finally take its rightful place.

4. An unsuccessful attempt to outshine Meghan Markle

Expert lip readers said that during the ceremony, Princess Eugenie asked Jack:

Why aren’t you holding my hand?

And after the couple left the church, the bride said:

Let's kiss!


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Many thought it was an attempt to imitate the wedding behavior of Meghan Markle. However, the romantic impulses of Princess Eugenie were not crowned with success! Every time the bride smiled at the groom, he stared at the bishop, then at his shoes.

5. Playful kids

Five-year-old Prince George had so much fun with his relative, seven-year-old Savannah Phillips. The children could barely hold back the laughter.

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However, this behavior was only admired by the guests.

6. Cara Delevingne’s toothpick

The 26-year-old supermodel was also in the spotlight. Cara Delevingne appeared at the ceremony not only wearing a black tuxedo and top hat instead of a dress and fascinator, but also with a toothpick in her mouth!


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7. Camilla was not invited?

Information about the fact that the Duchess of Cornwall would not attend the wedding, was leaked only a couple of days before the ceremony.

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It is believed that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew (the bride’s parents) strongly dislike Camilla as they blame her in Lady Diana’s death.


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Not a single wedding, even royal, is complete without a few misunderstandings. And this is normal because we are all people! The main thing is that Princess Eugenie and her spouse have a happy future ahead!

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