What Is The Salary Of Different Royal Family Employees? And Who Earns The Most?

Date August 10, 2018 11:20

Probably, many people thought for once while opening the recent news about the royal family: what does it feel like to be its member? Well, it turns out there is a chance for any of us to approach the representatives of the British monarchy. At least, if you obtain certain experience and skills.


More than 1,000 people of the staff are working in Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other royal estates. Among them are butlers, guardians, gardeners, secretaries, social media specialists and many others. As you have probably guessed, all these positions imply good money.


We decided to clear up the most highly paid job in the royalty.

The treasurer, or the so-called "The Keeper of the Privy Purse", can boast the most generous salary. Currently, Sir Alan Reid holds this position. In 2012, he earned almost $237,675 which made him the highest-paid employee of the royal family. 

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Reid disposes of all the Windsor's financial affairs, including the Elizabeth II's personal income. 

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"The Queen's Privy Purse" is the monarch money received from the Duchy of Lancaster estate. Despite the fact that the assets themselves do not belong to the Queen, she has the right by law to receive an income from them and manage funds for her choice. In 2016, according to sources "The Queen's Privy Purse" was about $48 million.


On the second place of salary level is the Queen's personal secretary Sir Christopher Geidt. His annual income is $192,771.

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Except the treasurer and personal secretary, the top ten highest-paid positions in the royalty involved a business development and public relations specialist ($39,331 to $41,953 a year), a curtains manufacturer and upholsterer ($28,843 a year), a system administrator ($26,221 to $28,843 per year), and others.


Would you like to work for the royal family? Or do you think that a generous reward does not cover the great responsibility assigned to its employees? Please, share your opinion in the comments!

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