“Who’s Singing?”: Prince Harry's Priceless Reaction To Hearing His Wedding Song (Video)

Date October 22, 2018 16:05

Despite the fact that it’s been 5 months since the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and that they are already getting ready to become parents, this couple can be still considered newlyweds. Not only do they set an example of how spouses should support each other, but also break multiple stereotypes, even if it means breaking some of the rules of the royal family.

“Who’s Singing?”: Prince Harry's Priceless Reaction To Hearing His Wedding Song (Video)gettyimages

As Meghan was not a typical bride of a British monarch, their wedding expectedly became one of the most unusual in the history of the British royal family. In particular, touching moments were provided by musical accompaniment.

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“Who’s Singing?”: Prince Harry's Priceless Reaction To Hearing His Wedding Song (Video) in australiagettyimages

Traditionally, such events are conducted to the national anthem “God Save the Queen” and songs that lovebirds choose to best convey their feelings to each other.

“Who’s Singing?”: Prince Harry's Priceless Reaction To Hearing His Wedding Song (Video)gettyimages

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At Harry and Meghan’s wedding, it was a rendition of “Stand By Me” performed by the choir. Recorded back in 1961, the hit of Ben E. King symbolized political progress and was constantly played in churches whose parishioners were African Americans. It was made especially heart melting by the touching speech of Reverend Michael Curry and how close the newlyweds were at that moment.

After 5 months, the prince was presented with an opportunity to once again plunge into the magical atmosphere of that day. As you know, he and his young wife went on a tour of Australia and the countries of Oceania. The couple has been traveling for only about a week, but their hearts probably filled with positive emotions more than once. During one of the official events, unexpectedly for everyone, a choir started singing “Stand By Me.” Harry’s reaction was priceless!

In addition to some iconic musical compositions, couples in the royal family had other no less important moments, such as the first dance of a newly married couple. We decided to recall to which songs the most famous couples of Great Britain had their first dance as husband and wife.

1. Prince Charles and Princess Diana

At the wedding of the heir to the throne and Lady Di, Lester Lanin played jazz accompanied by the orchestra.

2. Prince William and Kate Middleton

In 2011, millions of people watched the wedding ceremony of the future Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The couple wanted to feel Lady Diana’s presence: William presented Kate his mother’s engagement ring and the newlyweds danced to the song of Diana’s favorite artist, Elton John, performed by Ellie Goulding.

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3. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It is not known for certain what composition was chosen by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex for their first dance. The rumors are it was Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

Probably, each couple has that special “our” song: the one which makes them forget about everything, and overwhelms the hearts with love and memories. And what songs are special for you? Please share with us!

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